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The protection of pharmaceutical products, processes and persons involved in the production against damaging effects and contamination, is the focus of the pharmaceutical execution HVAC solution by Stefatos. Stefatos offers the individual solution in accordance with EU GMP/FDA requirements and the user specifications. The air handling and ventilating units are carefully selected in order to filter the right level of air born particulates and therefore create suitable hygienic zones. The quantity and size of these units provide flexibility, serviceability, simplicity, safety and energy saving conditions.

The required differential pressures and the correct personnel and material flow between various productions / processing areas are very important so that cross contamination is prevented. Stefatos will confirm the required levels of hygienic concept.

The fresh and exhaust air volumes have being calculated so that an air pressure balance is maintained within the production areas.

Stefatos solutions consist of multiple air handling systems (pharmaceutical execution) and/or dedust extraction systems.

HVAC equipment is pharmaceutical execution type, OEM Stefatos and incorporates the following features:

Key features

  • OEM Stefatos air-handling units
  • Airtight ducting constructions, pressure tested to 2200 Pa
  • Antibacterial sealant materials
  • Cleanable components (i.e. removable coils, removable fans, epoxy coated, hygienic water traps, etc) and surfaces
  • Airtight fine dust and HEPA filter housings